Wedding Reception Venue Etiquettes in Houston, TX

What to Know about Venue Etiquettes?

Wedding venue HoustonA wedding reception is pretty much a wedding feast following the wedding ceremony. The tradition of a wedding feast can be traced as far back as early as the biblical times. There is something symbolic to breaking bread with one another as part of any celebration. Usually the reception is held after the wedding but there are cases where there is a gap of a few hours in between. If you decided to have two guests’ lists, one for ceremony only and the second one for both, this time gap is useful. It gives the guests on the first guest list time to graciously slip away. The people on the second guest list will have time to freshen up. Here are some wedding venue etiquette in Houston, TX to know about:

Held Back to Back

If you choose to have the ceremony and reception back to back, the etiquette guideline is that you cannot have two guest lists. You just need to have one in order to know how will be going to your wedding party. Those invited to the ceremony must be invited to the reception followed after. This is an important thing that you need to keep in mind. Guests cannot only arrive only for the reception and you cannot expect them to leave while you are serving dinner to the rest.

Children in The Same Social Group

Also, if you were to invite children, you cannot separate them in order of importance, especially if they are from the same ‘social group’ e.g. family, Sunday school class etc. Children of the same age must be allowed together. This will make your wedding event easier to manage once you separate the children. That is the proper wedding reception etiquette. You can give them something that they can do in a room or have a film viewing somewhere in your reception area for them. It will make them behave in some way while you enjoy the rest of the day.

Traditional Wedding Reception Etiquette

The traditional wedding venue in Houston, TX is formal, and almost always involves a sit-down meal and a good wedding photo. However, if you cannot afford that, do not attempt to charge your guests for a full cash bar or a partial cash bar where guests will pay for their own drinks. You may serve tea or punch instead. The popular evening wedding does call for dinner which makes it a poor choice for a limited budget. If you cannot cut your guest list, you might want to consider alternative types of reception. For instance, you could consider brunch, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, afternoon tea, or a dessert reception.

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